Asım KayaalpTremendous developments have occurred in the diagnosis and treatment of hip disease in the last decade. Femoro-Acetabuler Impingement (FAI) Syndrome has emerged as an important factor in the pathogenesis of hip osteoarthritis. An abundance of recent work has clarified the pathomechanics, radiological findings and treatment options of FAI.

FAI comprises a large spectrum of disease processes from sequela of Perhtes disaese, Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, and developmental dysplasia of the hip and their treatment complications. In addition, sequela of femoral neck and acetabular fractures, cam lesions of the femoral neck, pincer deformities of the acetabulum, acetabular malrotation and protrusio acetabuli may result in FAI. The exact incidence of this disease has not been studied in our country. Extrapolation of studies from abroad suggests that thousands of patients with FAI factors exist in Turkey. Emerging evidence suggests that early diagnosis and treatment of FAI may prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis of the hip and eventual hip arthroplasty.

Our society has been established to bring together medical professionals working in this field, to collaborate with national and international societies and to raise public awareness on the nature and treatment of FAI. Research on FAI requires the collaboration of different disciplines, including orthopedists, radiologists, sports medicine specialists, physiotherapists and team physicians. Subspecialties like arthroscopic surgery, pediatric orthopedics, traumatology and adult reconstructive surgery all have their contributions. Our aim is to coordinate and organize the efforts of different subspecialties to further the research and clinical applications on this subject.

In addition to FAI, a plethora of disease processes including avascular necrosis, dysplasia, deformities, synovial disorders and traumatic joint injuries are amenable to non-arthroplasty treatment in the hip. The Society of Preventive Hip Surgery is open to all medical professionals who are interested in this field. We would like to invite all our colleagues to be a part of our society and to join our efforts to further the science on this subject.

Asım Kayaalp M.D.
Society of Preventive Hip Surgery
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